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Gebhardt fans

Components and Systems for Clean Room Industry

GebhardtGebhardt Ventilatoren manufactures fans driven by asynchronous (AC) motors or by electronically commutated (EC or brushless DC) motors. The motor is equipped with an external rotor motor, integrated inside of the impeller. This fan is 100% speed controlled, energy optimized at partial load, has a low noise level and presents a very compact design. For 40 years, Gebhardt Ventilatoren is setting the pace when the combination of motor and fan is involved.cleanroom

This fan type with its motor is designed for implementation into air conditioning or ventilation units. This means it is made for OEM customers. Another typical application are Fan-Filter-Units.

The EC-technology offers the possibility to control digitally thousands of fan units from one central PC and even each of them separately, if required. This way even large systems are so flexible that a change in production procedures can easily be followed by dedicating an area of fans to the new conditions.

New developments in EC-motors, specially designed for clean room applications, enable Gebhardt Ventilatoren to offer top technology in this field.




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