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EISystems is proud to represent Caid Industries
CAIDDesign, Detail, Fabricate, Install, Erect

Since 1947, T.A. Caid Industries, one of the largest specialty manufacturers in the Southwest, has been providing custom design and fabrication, as well as high-volume, repetitive manufacturing, to your design criteria or supplied drawings. Caid provides you with both the expertise and the wide range of services required to solve your most complex problems.
At Caid, your project team includes in-house, registered engineers; project managers and design detailers. We stand ready to help you gain or retain your competitive edge.

CAID Industries Our five contracting licenses - general engineering contracting, structural steel erection, tank fabrication, ventilation work and sheet metal work - enable us to keep large, complex projects in-house. The result: savings in time and cost. We also hold three ASME Code stamps for shop and field welding of tanks, piping and boilers.

T.A. Caid holds an ISO 9001:2000 Certification for the production of cathode assemblies for the mining industry.
Caid designs, details, fabricates and installs a wide range of projects, from prototypes to $10 million. Fifty percent of our work is for export. We recently organized T.A. Caid Chile, a Chilean counterpart established to service the needs of our South American clients.

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